Training with Music

Although I didn’t train today, I was hardly resting on my laurels. Whatever that means. No no, my friends. Today I was in the studio with my band, Gay Bum, for a live recording! Here is a sample song: Read on, McRock!
Posted On 30 Apr 2011
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Finally! Elbow Power!

Great joy and supreme wonderment! I have, this evening, finally managed to conduct some training using my previously hopeless elbow! I did the most part of a triceps workout without any real discomfort, even managing what may have been a personal best on one exercise!
Posted On 27 Apr 2011
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Weak for a Week!

I have been having problems with my right ankle. It has been weak for a week which, despite being a lovely rhyme, has been disrupting the small amount of training I have managed with my dodgy elbow and wheezing lungs. On Monday, I noticed the sole of my foot hurting quite a lot...
Posted On 27 Apr 2011
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A Busy Day!

Having not done much training for the last 10 days, I absolutely had to go to the gym today. Unfortunately, it was also boxing-day (as in the sport, not the crap version of Christmas). Not wanting to give up either, I decided to do both. It hurt… (The person in the picture...
Posted On 25 Apr 2011
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New Tactics

I’ve noticed my blog is slowing down a bit, probably because my general bad health has meant my training volume has declined. Although I fully intend tomorrow to herald another full week of training, I will need to develop some new tactics if I am to maintain intensity...
Posted On 24 Apr 2011
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I’m pleased to report that, thanks to my trusty elbow support, I completed a full workout for the first time since Friday! I was fairly concerned that, by wearing my elbow support and hitting the gym, I’d just look a little more pathetic and fail anyway. However,...
Posted On 20 Apr 2011
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Resting Up.

I’m meant to be boxing tonight, but a combination of injury and illness is holding me back…
Posted On 18 Apr 2011
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A Remarkable Place…

Today I visited Longridge Outdoor Activity Centre in Marlow, who have very kindly agreed to sponsor both my kayaking and rowing challenges!  This is well beyond my wildest expectations and I am incredibly grateful to everybody who has volunteered their help!
Posted On 15 Apr 2011
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First Wrestling Videos!

Having been suffering from a horrible cold/chest-problem-type-thing, I was surprised to find it cured, by an extended period of running, jumping, rolling and wrestling!  Here you see some evidence, in the form of training footage from Slough Freestyle Wrestling Club, where I am...
Posted On 14 Apr 2011
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I Blame My Father…

Today, I did my first ever…run.  Well, one of my first ever runs…  My first ever training run, where I’m training myself to run again, but farther.  Get it?  No?  Good, nor do I – RUNNING MAKES NO SENSE TO ME!!
Posted On 12 Apr 2011
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