Flee! Flee! (I practise running…)

To celebrate the start of June (any excuse for a party), I went for a run. With my dad…(‘Iron’ Steve Gamester). Luckily he understands that, when it comes to running, I am the worst of men. He therefore set a moderate pace and helped me keep it up for around...
Posted On 31 May 2011
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I’m (Upper) Back!

Today I conducted a simple, but exhausting routine to strengthen my back. Bent barbell rows at 60kg Chin-ups T-bar rows at 65kg (+10kg bar) Shrugs at 60, 100 and 120kg (at this point my grip gave up) High-rep kroc rows at 20kg An elongated period of back stretches. Admittedly, it...
Posted On 26 May 2011
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Gym – 12hrs – Gym – 12hrs – Conference – 12hrs – Home

Today I caught a train to Wakefield, where I shall stay in a hotel in preparation for a day of journalism tomorrow. It turned out that the hotel had a gym, which was good news. I didn’t know this at 07:00 this morning, however, so I ended up doing this: Bench presses at...
Posted On 24 May 2011
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I went for a run on Friday (20/05/2011). A real run. Outside, in the world… It didn’t go very well. Or rather, it went very well for the first ten minutes or so. Around about then, however, I noticed a growing pain in my lower back. A mile or so later and the pain started...
Posted On 22 May 2011
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Pain. The Good Kind.

On Monday, I wanted to do legs. I know, I know – it sounds ridiculous. Nobody wants to do legs, it’s just something you have to do. Well, not this time. I actually really did want to do some legs work at the gym, because of my up-coming half-marathon and insane...
Posted On 18 May 2011
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Busy busy busy!

Life has become about as busy as it could possibly be. Or at least it feels that way. I have, therefore, sadly not had time to blog the last couple of days of Ed vs. Sport. I hope the following summary will suffice: Chest Routine of 10.05.2011: Bench presses: 50, 90, 95 and 98kg...
Posted On 11 May 2011
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A Pain in the Arse. Literally.

Yesterday was legs day at the gym. Having read an interesting article on leg development (and because I require endurance for my half marathon), I decided to take down the weight and go for a higher number of reps. The result – I could barely even walk this morning....
Posted On 07 May 2011
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Something, something, chin up.

Excited by my recent technique development, I went back to the gym to experiment with dumbbell presses. Frustratingly, I cannot remember exactly what I did and in what order. I recall the following: Dumbbell presses at 40kg Incline barbell presses at 70kg Chin-ups Triceps...
Posted On 05 May 2011
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Wrestling! I mean…Boxing!

This evening, I turned up at wrestling, only to discover a competition in full swing! Paris vs South England! Although I agree to fight (I don’t know who was more surprised, me or the coach!), it turned out there was nobody of my weight available.)
Posted On 04 May 2011
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At the British Olympic Association

A quick picture for your pleasure; me, Will and Debbie at the British Olympic Association. Why? Because we rock, clearly.
Posted On 04 May 2011
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