Battle Metal = Running Metal

This week, I was meant to do a 5km run and a 10km run, in preparation for my half marathon (21km). As fate would have it, however, I ended up spending a lot of time on trains and driving classic cars instead. Poor, poor Ed. When it got to Thursday night, therefore, I was ashamed...
Posted On 23 Jun 2011
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Running Smoothly…Or Not…

On Monday, I fully intended to go for my next run. Unfortunately, I found an interesting 1979 Datsun 260z in my home town. Naturally, I had to go and test drive it. Sadly, it left no room for running… It did, however, set a trend for the next few days…
Posted On 22 Jun 2011
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Recovery Weekend

Having just about recovered from my general illness and lack of health, I decided to spend most my Friday night at the gym…as you do.
Posted On 19 Jun 2011
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Get Down with the Sickness

Having returned from the Download Festival, which absorbed every hour of every day from 09 – 13th of June, I went back to the gym tentatively… After all, I had managed to consume somewhere in the region of 100 units of alcohol over a matter of days, whilst sleeping in...
Posted On 17 Jun 2011
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Half-Half Marathon…

As a qualified personal trainer, I fully understand the progression of physical fitness. The concept of gradual, progressive overload is so engrained into my psyche that I do it just about everywhere in my life. Every week, I get to work 10 seconds faster than the week before....
Posted On 07 Jun 2011
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My Kingdom for a Punch Bag!

If you’re anything like a normal human being, you’ll be wondering why I have a picture of a sex toy on my charity blog. Fear not, friends – it is actually a ‘technique bag’. I provide a picture of this ‘technique bag’ because, upon...
Posted On 06 Jun 2011
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Rocking the Boat

Today I managed to make contact with Bret King from Longridge Outdoor Centre. He has kindly agreed to find some time to teach me the noble art of rowing. I am, however, on holiday from next Thursday to the following Tuesday, at the Download Festival. My training will, therefore,...
Posted On 03 Jun 2011
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Quickly Does It.

This quick routine after work helped knacker me out, without taking up too much time. Bench press at 80kg Incline bench at 60kg Incline dumbbell press at 2 x 30kg Barbell curl at 30kg Incline dumbbell curls at 3 x 14kg Negative hammer curls at 22kg Hammer curls at 14kg
Posted On 02 Jun 2011
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