Road Biking!

Having successfully run 13 miles, I’m now fairly sure I can cycle 100. That’s how fitness works…right? No? Well, never mind – for I have already overcome my first obstacle! When I agreed to cycle 100 miles, I did so without possessing a bike. Although I...
Posted On 29 Jul 2011
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This evening was far too lovely to spend at the gym. Instead, I donned my white cotton trousers and took to the back garden, for some old-school exercises. Armed only with an 18kg dumbbell and a broom handle, I had a most enjoyable time. It involved pressups, dumbbell curls,...
Posted On 28 Jul 2011
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Kangaroos, Skulls and Vodka.

It has been week since my last post and for this I apologise. In the meantime, however, I have managed to get back to the gym, eat kangaroo, spend a weekend sleeping on a beanbag, and purchase and drink a glass skull full of vodka. Yes, I am the King.
Posted On 27 Jul 2011
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I can barely walk today. Yesterday was bad, but today is ridiculous. My feet won’t even lie flat on the ground! I got up in the night to get a drink and nearly fell flat on my face! Like I said, ridiculous. Still, I asked for this I suppose.
Posted On 19 Jul 2011
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Wycombe Half Marathon: COMPLETE!

The half marathon is is over. Over. Thank the Gods! Having never really attempted anything like it, I decided to try to run 10-minute miles for the whole race. Being a 13.1 mile race, I should therefore finish in 2 hours and 11 minutes. If I managed to pull something out of my...
Posted On 18 Jul 2011
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The Art of Unpreparedness

The time has come; it is now under a week until I run the Wycombe Half Marathon! In celebration, I am doing no exercise whatsoever and eating lots of junk. In the words of the great Sun Tzu: “When the front is prepared, the rear is lacking, and when the rear is prepared the...
Posted On 11 Jul 2011
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Fitness Advice: Pairing Muscle Groups

Normally, people tend to work chest and triceps in the same day. However, after a full chest workout, the triceps are often too exhausted to work to their full potential. When developing strength, this is a problem – as they need to work as hard as possible to get stronger....
Posted On 06 Jul 2011
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