Olympic Stadium? 20,000 people? 100m? ME?!

So it turns out I’m still one of the Gold Challenge’s highest fund-raisers so far. That’s pretty cool! I haven’t quite reached the heights of the guy raising money to save the rhinos, but I’ml making good progress. However, it also turns out that, if...
Posted On 17 Feb 2012
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The Top 2% of the Weight Training Population?

Good news! Somehow – don’t ask how – I have been confusing my body weight conversations (from stone to kg) for the last year or so. I can now say with certainty that I am 75kg – not 80kg, as I had feared. Now that probably sounds like nonsense, whiny...
Posted On 16 Feb 2012
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Tough Guy Video!!!

You have to check this out!! Watching this video makes me genuinely proud to have been part of this madness. Totally, totally awesome 🙂 <iframe src=”//player.vimeo.com/video/36682151?byline=0&amp;portrait=0&amp;color=d42a44″ width=”500″...
Posted On 13 Feb 2012
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BBC Three Counties Radio Interview

A while ago now (last September), I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Olympic Silver Medalist, Gail Emms on BBC Three Counties Radio. Unfortunately, I managed to lock myself out of my house beforehand, so had to take the call late on my mobile. Even so, it worked out alright...
Posted On 10 Feb 2012
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Tough Guy Finishing Video

Anyone wondering what I looked like as I crossed the finish line of Tough Guy 2012? Well, wonder no longer – here is the very sight, in all its unimpressive glory:
Posted On 09 Feb 2012
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One Tough Day

Tough Guy 2012 was 9 days ago. Since then, all the exercise I’ve managed is a couple of hours of submission wrestling on Thursday, a deadlifting and back session at the gym on Monday and a bench press and chest session this evening. Hopefully, these pictures will explain...
Posted On 07 Feb 2012
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