Murorga Sim Bowa: EWA Champion!

Tonight, for the first time in his decade-long “career” (or “existence” as it should be known), Murorga Sim Bowa has won a GENUINE title! He is now the Entertainment Wrestling Association (EWA) British Champion, having defeated both former champion Dave...
Posted On 28 Jul 2012
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Madness? This is…SPARTAN RACE!!

With 7 hours' sleep in 48 hours, a hangover 2 days in the making and countless bruises from a bare knuckle night-sparring session... ...I struck out to conquer the Spartan Race.
Posted On 26 Jul 2012
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BJJ = Real Cardio

Getting Back into Shape, Day Three. Having put myself through some torturous gym sessions for the first two days of the week, I decided Wednesday was time for some intense cardio. What better way to achieve this than by a couple of hours at my logo dojo, Genesis, for the killer...
Posted On 18 Jul 2012
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Getting Back into Shape: Day Two – Surprise!

After Monday night’s painful chest and back experience, I decided Tuesday morning needed a shock to get my body going… …so I did the same again! That’s right, just to totally mess with my mind and body, I went back to the gym and did another session...
Posted On 17 Jul 2012
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Getting Back into Shape: Day One – The Basics

I’ve decided I need to get back into shape. The next wrestling show is on the 28th of July and I’ve lost around 5kg of good weight and seem to have collected some bad along the way. I’m not happy with the trade off…I must have been drunk when I agreed to...
Posted On 16 Jul 2012
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Enough is Enough…

…and by “enough”, I actually mean “not enough”. I have come to the realisation that, through a combination of eating atrociously, drinking far too much, doing a very stressful self-employed job AND suffering grave vehicular-related misfortunes on a...
Posted On 16 Jul 2012
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Singin’ The Blues

I’m singin’ the blues today. Goes a lil’ summin’ like this: Woke up this mornin’, My motorbike had been stole, That’s right the motorbike, That I parked outside ma home. I called the Police, Told them what went down, They said they’d see...
Posted On 11 Jul 2012
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Oh Yeah, Archery!

OK, I know it wasn’t specifically the Olympic version but, on my jousting day, I also spent a morning learning all about the history of archery and practising my hand at it. Given that not a single archery club has responded to my requests to try their sport, I’m...
Posted On 10 Jul 2012
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Jousting. You Heard Me. Jousting.

As part of my Gold Challenge, I am required to do a horse-based event. Given that I don’t know how to ride a horse, however, that pretty much limits me to dressage…or something equally…well…y’know. Now, don’t get me wrong here. Horse riding can...
Posted On 09 Jul 2012
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The Insanity Principle: A Portrait of Agony

During this evening’s circuit training, I managed to fall over mid squat-thrust. As I peeled myself off the mats to resume the hell, I noticed that my face had left an interesting sweat-mark on the ground. There were visible cheeks, a chin – even areas where eyes...
Posted On 02 Jul 2012
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