Making Progress

After months of good intentions, I finally made it down to Camberwell in South London to the This Is Progress wrestling school this morning.
Posted On 30 Jun 2013
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An Excess of Excess?

The Guild... We drink too much. Much too much. Intoxicated has become our default state of mind - it no longer even supplements our situation. It is the norm.
Posted On 23 Jun 2013
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Photos from Gay Bum at Scorpios

Last night was Gay Bum’s first proper gig since May 2011. Here is the evidence! All these photos were taken by Rebecca Brazil.
Posted On 23 Jun 2013
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Cumming on Back

After 2 years of absence from the UK music scene, we have decided to do some kind of comeback tour. We are calling the tour Cumming on Back, for obvious reasons.
Posted On 19 Jun 2013
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Merry Downloadmas!

It turns out that climbing Mount Doom, catching a 9-hour bus, drinking all night, sleeping on a sofa, catching a 24-flight and (12-hours later) embarking on a 5-day long booze and music not possible.
Posted On 17 Jun 2013
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Did Somebody Say…DOWNLOAD?!

New Zealand is great...but the music here is just terrible. For that reason - any really not many more - I am going home. For DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL!
Posted On 10 Jun 2013
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Climbing Mount Doom

"You will not have time to climb Mount Ngauruhoe today" says my bus driver. He has clearly never met a Guildsman. This is Mount Doom...and I SHALL climb it!
Posted On 08 Jun 2013
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A Week in Orc Land

Here are some pictures from my awesome week in Auckland, including FIRE, RUM, ICE CREAM, MUSEUMS, RUM, BOURBON, BIG HOUSE, CAKES, RUM, SUNSETS, RUM...and so on.
Posted On 07 Jun 2013
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A Song of Fire and Ice Cream

You know you have good friends when you tell them you failed to climb a mountain because of the ice... So they construct a mountain of ice cream...and help you conquer it.
Posted On 05 Jun 2013
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Old Norse Fun

In my Old Norse dictionary there is no word for harvest. There are, however, 9 different words for battle, 6 for smite, 5 for fight, 5 more for attack, 3 for slaughter, 2 for manslaughter and a separate word for multiple manslaughters.
Posted On 01 Jun 2013
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