This Is Belfast, So It Is

A combination of bus tours, fine food and some of the friendliest people in the world made a weekend escape to Belfast a most excellent idea indeed.
Posted On 25 Feb 2014
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Spears and Cutlasses!

During the my final day of my Warrior Masterclass, my aching body was given a giant spear and pirate cutlass...the culmination of many a childhood (and adult) dream.
Posted On 16 Feb 2014
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Medieval Knight Training

Today was the start of my armed screen combat training: swords and shields. By the end, my body was in agony, my ears were ringing from the clash of metal...and I was having the absolute best time!
Posted On 15 Feb 2014
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Unarmed Screen Combat

Day one of the British Action Academy's Warrior Masterclass introduces me to the art of unarmed fighting, in the role of a football hooligan. This is acting at it's hardest: I don't even like football.
Posted On 14 Feb 2014
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Caravanning, Gypsy Style

To celebrate six months since we met on Khaosan Road in Bangkok, Vikki and I spent the weekend in a Romany Gypsy Caravan in the Lake District. Why people don't do this all the time baffles me.
Posted On 03 Feb 2014
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