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Posted On 24 May 2011
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Today I caught a train to Wakefield, where I shall stay in a hotel in preparation for a day of journalism tomorrow.

It turned out that the hotel had a gym, which was good news. I didn’t know this at 07:00 this morning, however, so I ended up doing this:

Bench presses at 90kg
Incline barbell presses at 60 and 60kg
Barbell curls at 27kg
Concenrtation dumbbell curls at 20, 16, 14 andd 12kg
Rope hammer curls at 20, 12.5 and 7.5 kg (drop set)

Twelve hours later, I was doing this:

60 degree incline dumbbell presses at 2 x 32.5kg
Seated chest press machine at 120kg (the numbers had rubbed off the weight stack
Chest flye machine at 80kg
Dumbbell curls at 20, 18, 15 and 12kg
Cable curls at 15kg
Negative hammer curls at 20 and 22kg
Crunches, leg raises and sit-ups until blue in the face


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