A Week in Orc Land

I have just spent a week in Orc Land.


See what I did there? Because it’s New Zealand…and the Lord of the Rings…and…and…

Ah, screw you guys. My brilliance is wasted on you.

Only kidding – it’s hurtful jokes day, after all!  What’s that?  It isn’t?  But, they told me…  Oh.  Oh I see.

Here are some pictures from my awesome week in Auckland, including: FIRE, RUM, ICE CREAM, MUSEUMS, RUM, BOURBON, BIG HOUSE, CAKES, RUM, SUNSETS, RUM…and so on.  

About the Author
Ed Gamester is a silly man who lives in the United Kingdom. He is the harbinger of Ghost Squad, singer of Gay Bum and author of A Rum Run Awry. He fights, kills and dies for TV and films, and gallivants around the place wrestling, drinking and lifting things for glory and profit. Where Ed treads, there stamp the boots of the Guild. Ed does not wear glasses, but feels this photograph makes him look more intelligent and artistically talented than he is. Feel free to contact him: he is disappointingly affable.

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