Hiking Higher than the Clouds

I’m going to be honest here. The Routeburn Track was a bit shit. The walk itself was clearly wonderful, but the weather was simply atrocious.


I had hoped to spend at least 3 or 4 days meandering through the mountain pass, having long lunches and taking lots of photographs. Instead, I practically scuttled my way along, steadily being drenched to the bone.

I had heard there was to be snow on the Saturday, but there was none. My dreams of crossing the mountain pass to the Great Divide in the falling snow melted like the snow that didn’t fall. If that makes sense. (It doesn’t – nonexistent snow cannot melt…presumably?)

In short, the Routeburn was nothing that I wanted it to be. Partly, this was because I spend the first day, which was clear, walking to the start of the bloody track, after only hitch hiking partway there!

So, after a day of drying off, I’m going back to the mountains for another four days. This time, I will climb higher than the clouds themselves! What’s more, Sarah is coming with me! Or I am going with Sarah…it was her idea, after all.

We are going to do the Kepler Track, which ascends Mount Luxmore in the Fjordland National Park.


This time, I WILL find snow.

You hear me, cruel Gods?


The only downside is that all the rain has destroyed my camera lens. It is hopelessly soaked on the inside and will take no more photos of worth.

I shall try to persuade Sarah to share her photos with me. Her camera takes a mean panorama, or so I am told.

Kepler Map

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