Murorga Sim Bowa: EWA Champion!

Murorga Sim Bowa EWA Champion WrestlingTonight, for the first time in his decade-long “career” (or “existence” as it should be known), Murorga Sim Bowa has won a GENUINE title! He is now the Entertainment Wrestling Association (EWA) British Champion, having defeated both former champion Dave Maddox and last minute challenger, Xander Cooper.

The night started with a number-one contender match for the title, pitting Murorga against the far more technically proficient “Man for All the Seasons”, Xander Cooper. The winner would go on to the main event, to face Dave Maddox for the championship. What Xander wasn’t expecting, however, was quite how unorthodox Murorga would turn out to be, as the failed superhero hurled himself around and out of the ring, running circles – quite by accident – around the more experienced Cooper.

Eventually, as Sim Bowa ascended the turnbuckle for his DOOMBUTT, Xander managed to cut him off and deliver a stunning superplex from the top rope, effectively crippling Murorga. However, somehow – possibly by sheer chance – Murorga managed to tangle his legs with Xander’s upon landing, pinning Cooper to the ground as the referee counted the pin fall.

As both men leapt to their feet in victory, it became apparent what had happened. They had both won. They had both lost. They would both go into the main event, for the EWA Championship! As for that main event, well – behold:

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