Oh Yeah, Archery!

OK, I know it wasn’t specifically the Olympic version but, on my jousting day, I also spent a morning learning all about the history of archery and practising my hand at it.

Given that not a single archery club has responded to my requests to try their sport, I’m going to go ahead and say that my morning of target practise and archery competitions totally counts towards Ed vs Sport. Although I didn’t win the competition (who could shoot a stick (yes, a stick) stuck in the ground the most times), I did manage to come second out of eight or nine of us, so I think I did fairly well.

Or at least..less badly than some of the others…

So, at the risk of undermining everything else I have done for the Gold Challenge, I’m happy to say I’ve ticked the archery box! I mean seriously, if I’d gone to an Olympic style class, I’d have just been given a more complicated bow, which essentially tells me when to release the string. Let’s keep things simple – medieval, even.

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