Avast, me hearties: ye have dropped anchor in Port Folio! Now set to and plunder me projects!

Don’t be fooled by my broken fists and constant bellowing; give me a laptop and I know what I am doing. In fact, my work has been used by everyone from tiny independent organisations and boutique studios, to industry-leading global corporations.

Sadly, many of my projects fall under Non-Disclosure Agreements. These mean I’m not allowed to tell anybody I was involved, normally because the project is meant to look like it was done by somebody else.

However, here are some of the places you can find my work:

Copywriter and Content Manager C.V.

  • Overview

    I have been producing and managing creative copy for every type of printed and digital media since 2007. My clients range from boutique design agencies to global corporations and my projects can be found all over the world, especially in London. As a content specialist, I can adapt my writing style to suit any audience and make any project as engaging as possible. From case studies, reviews and articles to headlines, strap-lines and sentiments, the variety of my professional experience makes me equally comfortable working remotely or in-house alongside other creative professionals.
  • Key Skills

    • Seamless brand experience
    • Succinct product messaging
    • Optimised web copy
    • Meticulous long-form articles
    • Strategic blog management
    • Impeccable written English
    • Exhaustive subject research
    • Measurable marketing campaigns
    • Overall creative strategy
    Flexibility, Confidence and Creativity
    A decade of handling the constantly-changing demands of numerous clients has helped me develop an exceptionally flexible and resilient working style. This ensures I stay calm under pressure, approach every project with enthusiasm, and maintain the confidence to act independently, make swift decisions and see every project from concept to completion.
    Communication, Team Work and Organisation
    I balance the requirements of multiple clients by relying on my excellent communication and teamwork skills, as well as my genuine honesty and positivity. My experience of working for both corporate clients and creative agencies gives me valuable insight into effective expectation management and liaising between senior management and key stakeholders.
    Experience, Reliability and Versatility
    I have exceptional standards of written English and can produce highly engaging copy to very tight deadlines. I relish new challenges and opportunities to use my problem solving skills, and have turned my hand to every type of copywriting that has come my way, from script writing for animation, radio and video, to travel blogs, books and websites.
  • Experience

    Professional History
    Freelance Creative Copywriter: 2007 - Present Creative Copywriter for Focusrite Audio Engineering: May 2014 - June 2015 Creative Copywriter and Content Manager for Causeway Technologies: December 2010 - June 2012
    2.1 Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Philosophy from University of Leeds Register of Exercise Professionals, Level 3: Personal Fitness Trainer 400 UCAS Points at A-Level from Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe


Radiohead, Massive Attack, Orbital, Nine Inch Nails, Giorgio Moroder, Jean-Michel Jarre, Hudson Mohawk, alt-J and Arca. Everybody has used Novation gear and, for a year, I was employed to help them undergo a total global rebrand. I provided brand direction and all things words-related. Continue Reading


The best selling audio interface of all time required a bit of time and attention when it came to printed and digital copy. That's what I did, along with product-specific landing pages and all day-to-day marketing copy for Focusrite, as used by Foo Fighters, Motörhead, Massive Attack and many, many more.Continue Reading


I had to combine quality, beauty and simplicity across every element of the iTrack website, to properly communicate its wonderful features through its branding. A major challenge was explaining the concept of iOS recording in the first place!Continue Reading

Obstacle Race Magazine

I am a contributor to the UK's leading obstacle and mud racing magazine. Obviously you have to buy the magazine in order to read my work, but I can assure you it is worth every penny.Continue Reading

Neubourg Pilsner

Learning and expressing the history, philosophy and taste of Neubourg Pilsner involved a lot of consideration...and beer.Continue Reading

Tough Guy Blog

Tough Guy, the original mud and obstacle race, wanted a new blog and online adventure forum. So I made one.Continue Reading

Polo 24-Hour Bar

T-shirts, business cards, cups, walls, signs, websites... My words can be found all over London's 24-hour bar and cafe.Continue Reading


I was the sole copywriter and content manager for the largest supplier of construction software in the UK. My tasks were many.Continue Reading

Perkin Reveller Restaurant

Historic Royal Palaces commissioned an official restaurant for the Tower of London and Perkin Reveller is the stunning result. Continue Reading

Mr. Reveller

As part of a marketing campaign for the Perkin Reveller restaurant, I wrote a blog focused on food, drink and entertainment in London, for those looking for something fun to do.Continue Reading

Megaro Hotel

When this stunning London hotel received a makeover at the hands of The Narrative, I was tasked with creating some web content to explain just how ideal Megaro is for anybody who wants to discover London.Continue Reading

Karpo Restaurant

Inspired by the Goddess of the Fruits of the Earth, Karpo prides its on its fresh ingredients and luscious seasonal menus...most of which I got to try out during the 'research' phase of writing content for the website!Continue Reading

Green Creatures

When Causeway tasked me to put a new spin on 'Going Green', I teamed up with graphic designer, Darrell Thorpe, to come up with something totally different..Continue Reading

Blueclaw SEO

For these specialists in SEO, PPC and Social Media, I wrote everything from blogs about garage doors to forums about pet health. If there is a blog out there about it, I have probably contributed to it in some way, shape or form. Continue Reading

Direct Golf

I'm not a fan of golf. In fact, I hate it. It's terribly dull. Nevertheless, I summoned all my creative juices to make the news on Direct Golf's website stand out like...something that has nothing to do with golf.Continue Reading


The second largest e-commerce website in France, used my book reviews to create a blog and forum, which increased the volume of traffic to their main site.Continue Reading

Black Cat

Being a fan of pubs in general, I was only too happy to help the Black Cat in Chesham make a brand new website. More free beer!Continue Reading


When famous punk brewery, BrewDog, asked me to photograph their new beer cocktails, it only meant one thing... Free beer!Continue Reading


A powerful micro-brewery making powerful beers needs a powerful website. So it was that Murderbeers tasked me with making their website a showcase of their mighty brews.Continue Reading

Guild of Adventurers

When the Guild asks a man to do something, that man would be a fool to turn them down. When they told me it was my destiny to forge them a mighty website to inform the world of their deeds, I did as I was bidden. The site I created is bold: huge pictures with large, simple over-laid text. It also features a gallery of what the Guild call their Bleak and Honourable Photography.Continue Reading