Maimed and Left In Agony

Female Daily Mail journalist pays the grisly price for buying into empowerment hype, and believing she can write as big a pile of bullshit as a male Daily Mail journalist.
Posted On 27 Jul 2017
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Open Letter to Tommy Hilfiger

I don't often buy clothes, so it pisses me off when they fail to fulfil their basic functions. Tommy Hilfiger didn't reply to my complaint, so I thought I'd publish it.
Posted On 12 Jan 2016
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Superhuman Doubts

The Guild endures the Superhuman Games in our traditionally unprepared manner.
Posted On 08 Jun 2015
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Open Job Application

Award-winning copywriter seeks to limit aspirations and stifle creativity by joining bland team of timid and talentless marketing executives within emotionless corporate vacuity.
Posted On 09 Apr 2014
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