OK, True Believers 2017

Daz and I take our book to Cheltenham for our first of convention of 2017: True Believers Comic Con. We drink a lot of coffee, eat a lot of muffins and meet some lovely folk.
Posted On 05 Feb 2017
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The Book is Out!

Thanks entirely to your pledges and donations, our very first book is now printed and available to buy! It's probably unlike any book you've seen before...
Posted On 02 Apr 2016
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Nottingham Comic Con 2014

Daz and I exhibit our new graphic novel at our first Comic Con!
Posted On 05 Oct 2014
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First Draft Complete!

A project SIX MONTHS IN THE WRITING has been handed over to the wonderful Daz for illustration! It's only 5 times as long as it was meant to be...
Posted On 01 Mar 2014
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Happy Ghetto Progress!

Just a quick update today to say that my project with Daz is making progress! I can't give you any details at the moment, but here is some related artwork Daz is producing for it.
Posted On 22 Dec 2013
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Working On Something…

My adventuring has stalled somewhat, mainly due to the massive debt I have accumulated. I have not, however, been idle: there is more to Edventuring than gallivanting around attempting to conquer stuff!
Posted On 03 Dec 2013
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