King of Lucha Chaos!

After a year of battle, I have finally been crowned KING OF LUCHA CHAOS!
Posted On 16 Jan 2016
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Lucha Britannia: November

I smash my way through another Lucha Chaos match, on the same show as Juventud Guerrera for the second time in a fortnight.
Posted On 29 Nov 2015
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Playing the Great British Tattoo Show

I knock myself out playing at the Great British Tattoo Show.
Posted On 25 May 2015
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Lucha Britannia Solo Debut!

Less than 24 afters after my tag debut at Lucha Britannia, I was back for my solo debut: an eight-man Lucha chaos match!
Posted On 07 Dec 2014
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Rise of Los Nordicos

This Friday was my debut at the greatest wrestling show in Europe: Lucha Britannia.
Posted On 06 Dec 2014
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A Brand New Song?!

Tonight, Gay Bum played our first new song since about 2009!
Posted On 18 Aug 2014
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The Standing Hurricanrana

Yesterday, I had my second session back at London School of Lucha Libre. I'm pleased to say I'm not as rusty as I feared I might be. I even managed to pull of 80% of a standing hurricanrana!
Posted On 25 Jun 2014
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Gay Bum…and PROUD!

As part of our on-going tour of North London, the Bum This time, we were joined by the masterful Al of PUMP Photography who also trains and shoots for Lucha Brittania. Through his camera, we looked even better than we do in reality:
Posted On 06 Oct 2013
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Shaolin Martial Arts in Tufnel Park, London

Today, I had the pleasure of visiting the Shaolin Temple in Tufnel Park, London, to watch demonstrations of the various forms and arts they teach. I’d be lying if I said I could remember everything they showed (there was a lot) and, to be honest, I’d probably get it...
Posted On 09 Dec 2012
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