Come Say Hi!

I've shoved a calendar-style thing on my Facebook page, so you can see where I'm going to be, what I'm going to be doing, and when! It's here:
Posted On 23 Mar 2017
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Victory at Lucha Britannia

Having fought his way out of the chaos pits of Lucha Britannia, El Nordico Fuego smashes a path to victory against Jerry Bakewell in singles competition. What is next for the Viking? Beer, probably.
Posted On 17 Sep 2016
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Lucha World at York Hall

Lucha Britannia joins Lucha Libre World in a sold out York Hall
Posted On 03 Jul 2016
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King of Lucha Chaos!

After a year of battle, I have finally been crowned KING OF LUCHA CHAOS!
Posted On 16 Jan 2016
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It has been a whole year since my debut at Lucha Britannia! Time flies when you're in midair...
Posted On 22 Dec 2015
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Lucha Britannia: November

I smash my way through another Lucha Chaos match, on the same show as Juventud Guerrera for the second time in a fortnight.
Posted On 29 Nov 2015
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Wahaca: Day of the Dead

Lucha Britannia tears up Wahaca Day of the Dead Festival, and I get to wrestle a legend.
Posted On 08 Nov 2015
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The Greatest Spectacle of Lucha Libre

My greatest shows to date: spending three nights alongside legends of lucha libre, performing at York Hall.
Posted On 02 Jul 2015
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Manisault: Foot Breaker

I break both my feet during an epic Lucha Britannia.
Posted On 20 Apr 2015
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At last! Captain Rumbeard, the Lucha pirate, has made his d├ębut!
Posted On 12 Apr 2015
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