Maimed and Left In Agony

Female Daily Mail journalist pays the grisly price for buying into empowerment hype, and believing she can write as big a pile of bullshit as a male Daily Mail journalist.
Posted On 27 Jul 2017
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Join The Mile High Club!

It is with GREAT pleasure that I can announce that Rise of the Sufferfests – the documentary about OCR and only film that opens with the words “This is Ed Gamester...” – is now available to view ON PLANES!
Posted On 19 Mar 2017
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The Final Tough Guy

I wake up freezing cold on the floor of a barn with a hangover that would slay an elk. All the Ghost Squad have survived the night. We apply war paint, perform ceremonial squats and do the Ghost March one final time.
Posted On 30 Jan 2017
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Recognise and Treat Hypothermia

Every year 1000 people fail to finish Tough Guy, normally because of the cold. This quick guide will help you understand when it's time to start worrying and, most importantly, how to avoid killing your mates by trying to help them.
Posted On 26 Jan 2017
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Mudnificent 7: A Masterclass in OCR

More than half the people who ran Mudnificent 7 said Tough Guy was the best zone of all seven...
Posted On 03 Aug 2015
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Nettle Warrior 2014: Catalysts of Glory

When not pushing ourselves as hard as humanly possible, the Guild is dedicated to helping others push themselves as hard as they can. We are Catalysts of Glory.
Posted On 14 Jul 2014
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