Winning England’s Strongest Man Under 80kg Novice

After five weeks of training, I win England's Strongest Man Under 80kg Novice competition and realise I love my new sport.
Posted On 24 Jul 2017
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Cutting Weight for Strongman

I drop my bodyweight by 5.5kg in 6 days by experimenting with liquid food, alternating fluid intake and messing about with salt.
Posted On 23 Jul 2017
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Training for Strongman

I sign up for England's Strongest Man Under 80kg Novice competition and spend five weeks attempting to learn how to do the events.
Posted On 16 Jul 2017
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The Inverted Juggernaut Method

An awesome strength program for athletes, which seemed to be working wonders for me until I finished it and realised nothing had changed.
Posted On 10 Jul 2017
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Trying It Westside

I try out the Westside Barbell Method, which is like the original and heavier version of Beyond 531.
Posted On 15 Jun 2017
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Trying Out 531 Training

My slightly frustrating experience with 531 Strength Training programme.
Posted On 15 May 2017
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Simple Strength Training

This is the most effective way I've ever found to get stronger quickly.
Posted On 15 Apr 2017
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Trying Out Wendler 5/3/1

I'm struggling to get into Wendler's 5,3,1 program for lifting. Like he says himself, you have to believe in the program you're following...and I'm not sure that I do.
Posted On 15 Feb 2017
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12 Weeks o’ Lifting

In 12 weeks, I have increased my combined lifting total by about 63kg/140lbs. It's partly due to improvements in my technique and partly because I have utilised a strict 5x5 programme that only involves one exercise per day. Check it out!
Posted On 30 Nov 2016
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Balancing Strength and Body Weight

After seven weeks of training, I'm getting stronger...but I'm also getting heavier, which is problematic in a weight-controlled spot like powerlifting. Hmm.
Posted On 02 Nov 2016
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