Spartan Race World Championships

I made it around the Lake Tahoe Spartan Beast: 15 miles up and down a mountain. The running part was horrible, but the company made up for it!
Posted On 04 Oct 2015
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12,320 Steps Too Far

Tomorrow we leave for Lake Tahoe, to run the most horrific Spartan Beast course ever designed. And I am in the worst shape I have been in since I first did a race... Shit.
Posted On 02 Oct 2015
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Photos from Birmingham Super Spartan Race 2012

After all my ranting and raving about the disorganisation of Spartan Race, it turns out their photos had been uploaded all along. They simply didn’t tell us. They also labelled them somewhat confusingly. Anyway, here are some of them:
Posted On 02 Oct 2012
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Madness? This is…SPARTAN RACE!!

With 7 hours' sleep in 48 hours, a hangover 2 days in the making and countless bruises from a bare knuckle night-sparring session... ...I struck out to conquer the Spartan Race.
Posted On 26 Jul 2012
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