The Same Run As Before. BUT TWICE!

Today, I decided that running 6km at a time was going to get me nowhere fast. Or rather, it would get me exactly 6km…and rather slowly. Useless. The only thing within a 3km radius of my house is Tesco Express and, if I want to go there, I’ll drive. For one thing, it is a petrol station and, for another, I can’t very well run with bags of over-priced shopping.

So instead, I decided to run 10km – a more respectable distance. Living in the land of hills, however, there is only so much flatish ground to run on, so I decided to run my fairly level 6km route, then do the initial 2km out and back again.

However, by the time I reached the 8km point I thought “…I’ve come this far…I may as well just do the whole route twice”. [That is a heavily edited version of my actual thoughts].

So that’s what I did.

12km Run 2013

In the process, I listened to the entire of Rammstein’s Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da (only 45 minutes long, I discovered!) and the first few songs off Reise Reise. In total, 65 minutes – not bad for an unfit buffoon running 12km.

All in all, it felt pretty good. There were a couple of tougher moments but, given that it was twice as far as the last couple of weeks, not bad. I mean, still pretty bad. But not as bad as I was expecting.

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