Training Frank Turner for CM Punk

Some of you may have seen the new Frank Turner music video for The Next Storm. After all, it seems to be amassing about 100,000 views per day at the moment!

In it, he squares off against CM Punk – the third most ‘popular’ wrestler in the world today. You know, based on Google stats and whatever.

For me, this is cool for two reasons. Firstly, this is the first thing I’ve seen CM Punk do since his infamous interview with Colt Cabana after he left WWE after joined UFC. I’m a fan of Punk, so this is exciting stuff.

Secondly, I trained Frank for the video.

“Ed held my hand through my first ever experience of wrestling, or indeed any serious form of combat, staged or otherwise. He made me feel tough enough to hold my own in the ring with CM Punk, which is quite something.” – Frank Turner

I know, right? I trained Frank Turner to fight CM Punk. Or rather, to “fight” CM Punk. Either way, in my book, that’s pretty fucking cool. Plus, for a guy who has never done any form of physical combat in his life, Frank came out of it looking pretty damn mean…


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