Blur O’ Byron Bay

The last 10 days are a series of blurs, including being kicked out of the awful Cheeky Monkeys nightclub, repeatedly falling off a surfboard, and my daytrip to Nimbin.
Posted On 25 Apr 2013
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Arts Factory Lodge

The Arts Factory Lodge in Byron Bay is my favourite hostel in the world. It is 10 minutes' walk outside of town, but it's entirely worth it. There's even a constant shuttle bus, in case you can't be arsed.
Posted On 17 Apr 2013
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I arrive in Byron in the middle of the night. Hostel Aquarius is a maelstrom of humanity, some of which is...sticky?! Apparently tonight is “Girls Wrestling In Jelly For Cash Prizes...Night”. Urg.
Posted On 16 Apr 2013
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Brisbane in 6 Hours

Eyes keen and belly a-grumble, I set about the city of Brisbane. Cash, liberated! Town Hall, observed! Brisbane Museum, memorised! I am a whirring machine of cultural exploration, unstopped in my quest to devour local knowledge
Posted On 15 Apr 2013
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Cairns to Brisbane to Byron

I arrive in Brisbane, miss the bus to Byron and spend the day wandering the streets and local cultural sites It is not so bad, this Brisbane place.
Posted On 15 Apr 2013
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Regret Nothing: Easier Said Than Done.

No adventure was ever found by sitting still, but today I am struggling to uphold Rule Four: Regret Nothing. I fear I have made a terrible miscake.
Posted On 15 Apr 2013
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Coffee. A Nearly Tragic Tale.

We have come to a Jaques coffee planation, where we are being treated to hot coffee, cold coffee, ice cream coffee, chocolate cheesecake, Tiramasu, chocolate coated coffee beans, coffee liquor and a film about how the plantation came to be. It is incredible.
Posted On 13 Apr 2013
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Ant-Licking and Coffee-Picking

Tone shows me how to catch and lick green ants, which taste of lime! I get bitten immediately and repeatedly I try Franc's technique instead and bite the ends of the ants. Who is eating whom now, you suicidal green bastards?!
Posted On 13 Apr 2013
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The Nine Best Things

This is one of the most expensive breakfasts I have even eaten, but also one of the most delicious. It inspires me to list all the best things in life, according to the Guild of Adventurers.
Posted On 13 Apr 2013
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Drilling with the Doggies

Luckily for me, tonight's Aussie Rules training is mainly just drills. Also luckily for me, everybody here is friendly and inviting; they include me immediately and don't even mock my utter lack of ability, which I suspect is very irritating.
Posted On 11 Apr 2013
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New Zealand

Climbing Mount Doom

"You will not have time to climb Mount Ngauruhoe today" says my bus driver. He has clearly never met a Guildsman. This is Mount Doom...and I SHALL climb it!
Posted On 08 Jun 2013
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A Week in Orc Land

Here are some pictures from my awesome week in Auckland, including FIRE, RUM, ICE CREAM, MUSEUMS, RUM, BOURBON, BIG HOUSE, CAKES, RUM, SUNSETS, RUM...and so on.
Posted On 07 Jun 2013
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A Song of Fire and Ice Cream

You know you have good friends when you tell them you failed to climb a mountain because of the ice... So they construct a mountain of ice cream...and help you conquer it.
Posted On 05 Jun 2013
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Views from a Mountain

There is no way around it; I cannot get up Mount Taranaki. Even if it wasn't insanely dangerous in the middle of this cold snap, nobody will lend me any gear. Instead, here are some photos from the top of Mount Luxmore.
Posted On 31 May 2013
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Mental Warfare

Today, it is way too cold to climb Mount Taranaki. Tomorrow the weather will be better. So I wait… …and eat cake…and drink tea…and stare at Mount Taranaki. I’m getting inside its head. Psyching it out for the big day. I’m playing mind games...
Posted On 29 May 2013
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Plugging In. Charging.

There is a special solitude one can only find in a city. Walking the mountains or standing by the road, I am alone - but out of necessity. Here in busy Wellington, I have the freedom to truly and constantly choose to be by myself. I am utterly content.
Posted On 27 May 2013
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The Plane of Destiny

After a week on the road, hitch-hiking, knife forging and jade carving, I finally arrive in Nelson...and promptly leave. It is a fantastic city, but it lacks something that Wellington possess. Namely, TENACIOUS D!
Posted On 21 May 2013
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Forging the Emperor’s Blade

24 years ago today, the Great Smith in the Sky forged my own Brother in Thunder, Emperor Matthias Bunn. In his honour, I stepped up to the anvil...and forged my first blade.
Posted On 19 May 2013
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Not Climbing the Glacier

The Franz Josef glacier looks lie a dying animal. Withdrawing into the mountains, it gushes salty grey blood as hikers descend upon it from helicopters. Suddenly, I don't want to climb this glacier. That's what I tell myself. The reality is that I can't afford to.
Posted On 18 May 2013
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Grits and Shits. All Outta Both…

I think I might be exhausted . My legs aren't working, my back aches and my head feels like it is full of week-old rum and coke. To cure myself, I tried climbing a mountain.
Posted On 16 May 2013
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Bored: A Crossing

It is 600km from Luang Prabang to Chiang Rai...and it has taken us 40 hours. FORTY HOURS!! ...
Posted On 20 Aug 2013
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A Cave Too Far

Sometimes, you just can't be bothered to take yet another overpriced tuk tuk to a cave full of...
Posted On 19 Aug 2013
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Unhappy Pizza

The last two days have been hell. A combination of weed, mushrooms and hopeless buses have...
Posted On 18 Aug 2013
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4000 Islands: Been There, Don Det

After an enjoyable but harrowing few days in Cambodia, the time came for us to move on. To help...
Posted On 15 Aug 2013
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Please Don’t Walk Through the Mass Grave

We spend two days discovering the horrors of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia, in the form of...
Posted On 12 Aug 2013
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Tomb Braider: Angkor What?!

After three days of eating cakes, drinking bad cocktails and getting excellent massages, I...
Posted On 08 Aug 2013
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