Photos from Nettle Warrior

Photos from Nettle Warrior have been popping all over the place, starting with my appearance in Yahoo News as part of their "Pictures of the Week"...alongside a view of the Earth from space...

Nettle Warrior 2014: Catalysts of Glory

When not pushing ourselves as hard as humanly possible, the Guild is dedicated to helping others push themselves as hard as they can. We are Catalysts of Glory.

Half A Million Dots.

500,000 individually-placed dots later and my tattoo is nearly finished.

Getting Tattooed in The Meatshop

"I have a crazy idea. It's insane, but it's brilliant." Today, I am getting tattooed. I don't know the design yet. In fact, there isn't one. Thus, the Guild.

Photos from the Crazy J Rematch

Although I lost my rematch with Crazy J, the photographs make it look like I did rather well!

Tough Guy Nettle Warrior 2013

Armed only with hangovers that would kill lesser men, the Guild of Adventures peeled ourselves off the floor of a barn, fashioned crude running shorts out of our trousers... ...and stormed the Killing Fields of Tough Guy Nettle Warrior 2013.

Sim Bowa is DEFEATED!

Murorga Sim Bowa has been defeated a second time by Crazy Johnny Jones, thereby failing to recapture his EWA British Title. To be fair, how he even walked from the ring is a mystery...

Climbing Mount Doom

"You will not have time to climb Mount Ngauruhoe today" says my bus driver. He has clearly never met a Guildsman. This is Mount Doom...and I SHALL climb it!

Forging the Emperor’s Blade

24 years ago today, the Great Smith in the Sky forged my own Brother in Thunder, Emperor Matthias Bunn. In his honour, I stepped up to the anvil...and forged my first blade.


The bathroom was busy today, so I brushed my teeth in the shower. It was exhilarating. Oh, I also jumped out of a plane 15,000 feet above the earth.

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Nottingham Comic Con 2014

Daz and I exhibit our new graphic novel at our first Comic Con!
Posted On 05 Oct 2014
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The Hollow Crown

Over the last fortnight, I have spend a number of days filming Series Two of the Hollow Crown: The War of the Roses.
Posted On 03 Oct 2014
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Can You Help Lucha?

Somebody set fire to my wrestling school... We need to raise £15k to survive. Can you help?
Posted On 03 Sep 2014
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Go Do Something!

Never ever let naysayers put you off. Doing things is easy and fun, even if you're bound to fail!
Posted On 17 Nov 2013
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A Brand New Song?!

Tonight, Gay Bum played our first new song since about 2009!
Posted On 18 Aug 2014
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This Is Belfast, So It Is

A combination of bus tours, fine food and some of the friendliest people in the world made a weekend escape to Belfast a most excellent idea indeed.
Posted On 25 Feb 2014
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Can You Help Lucha?

Somebody set fire to my wrestling school... We need to raise £15k to survive. Can you help?
Posted On 03 Sep 2014
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