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Five Hours of Being Me.

I attempt to do something I clearly feel is very important, and entirely fail to do so due to my own staggering incompetence. In other words, this is what it is like to be me for a few hours.
Posted On 06 Nov 2015
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12,320 Steps Too Far

Tomorrow we leave for Lake Tahoe, to run the most horrific Spartan Beast course ever designed. And I am in the worst shape I have been in since I first did a race... Shit.
Posted On 02 Oct 2015
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To California!

I fly to America and, for some reason, document the process.
Posted On 28 Sep 2015
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Photos from Nettle Warrior

Today, a photo of me appears alongside a view of the Earth from space, as Yahoo News' Pictures of the Week...
Posted On 03 Aug 2014
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Jammin’ at Tattoo Jam

Gay Bum drive oop North to lay waste to Tattoo Jam (and our livers) in the name of All That Rocks.
Posted On 16 Aug 2015
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To the Sahara!

We started our 2014 travels in Iceland. Land...of ice. It seems only fitting, therefore, that we end it in the total opposite part of the word. The Sahara. By camel, obviously.
Posted On 14 Nov 2014
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Camp Wrestling

I've been wrestling at the summer camps recently - and it has been great!
Posted On 25 Aug 2015
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