Our First Graphic Novel!

Back in December, I apologised for my lack of blog entries and explained that I was working on something.

I wasn’t just spouting shit, either. I really was working on something. And now that something is complete.

It…is my very first graphic novel! Inspired, illustrated and almost entirely created by Darrell Thorpe, it represents a ludicrous amount of time and energy on both our accounts (but especially his).

It’s all very hush hush for now, so I can’t write too much more about it. Suffice to say, we will be exhibiting it Comic Con in Nottingham on October 4th. Until then, we have the task of proof-reading, printing and preparing it for the show.

After all, now somebody needs to pay to publish the bloody thing!

We also need to write, illustrate and finalise a special one-off comic strip for the next Dirty Rotten Comics anthology… We have a few days left for that…all of which I will be spending in Copenhagen, being tattooed.

I couldn’t be more excited about all of it!

Here’s the smallest taste of how it looks:

Great Ship Ass

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