First Evening of Boxing Training

Tonight, I attended my first boxing training at High Wycombe Amateur Boxing Club. Made up of half fitness and half technique, it was a welcome and much needed introduction to the sport. When the session was over, I spent some time getting used to the different punch bags in the club and working on my own “technique”. I did not, however, get the chance to record a video of the session; being a very busy Monday night, the club was packed and I couldn’t realistically ask anybody to get in the way and film be. Be assured, however, that I will get some great training footage as soon as possible.

Having spoken to John, he has very kindly offered me the use of the facilities for my training. We have also agreed that we’ll look to the long term, get my medical examination done and get me qualified to fight in the future. This is great news, as I get lots of extra point for competing, even if I get my face pummelled.

Sadly, however, John has injured his shoulder and cannot give me any personal coaching until he has recovered. Until then, I shall hone my fitness and boxing coordination at the regular training sessions. Once he is better, we’ll start the intense training that will lead up to my fight…whenever that might be!

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