First Run of 2013!

Today, I went for a run. It way my first run since the Super Spartan race in September…which was my first run since the Spartan Sprint in July, which was also my first run since Tough Guy this time last year.

So, today saw my forth run in 12 months, bringing my total distance covered in a YEAR to approximately 40km. Impressive, no?

I ran slowly but, to my credit, the ground was covered in snow and the going was quite tough – slipping and sliding and hoping my knees wouldn’t collapse.

The first mile was pure terror and the taste of blood, but once my body worked out that it wasn’t under attack or fleeing for its life, it calmed down and I found my stride.

Unfortunately, my stride is quite short and unpredictable. This, combined with the snow and jumping in and out of the road to avoid cars, made for a longer run than expected on a freezing January morning.

Hopefully my legs will still work after boxing tonight.

Run 1

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