Happy New Year!

Hello there and happy new year!

I decided to leave the blog alone entirely over the Christmas season and focus instead on getting fat. I am proud to announce that I have been rather successful; I have followed a strict two-week regime involving an excess of just about everything except exercise!

That said, I did manage a solitary gym session and two 10km runs, one of which quickly turned into a swim when I decided to charge the flood-plains of the River Thames.

At first, I figured it was good training for the large part of Tough Guy that involves wading through waist-high freezing cold water. Then the water reached my armpits and I decided against forcing my way through the crust of bird crap and out into the fast flowing river, but only really because it is a surefire way to get ill over Christmas.

Despite this, somewhere between the booze, cheese, cake and weeks of total inactivity, my body decided there was little point in having a metabolism. It has now officially shut down and spends its time laying down some ‘energy deposits’. How very handy.

I am pretending it it all part of the plan to survive Winter Tough Guy in 23 days time, where a bit of extra insulation won’t go amiss! The reality is that now the celebrations are done, I am preparing to knuckle down for some real training, which will start by shifting the layer of blubber I have so painstakingly crafted about myself.

So it begins. Happy 2014 – let’s go and make something of it!

New Year

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