Rowing Lake Windermere

Ed vs Sport Gold Challenge Rowing Lake Windermere

A long time ago, some people promised to take me out on the River Thames and give me lessons in the sport of rowing. Sadly, however, it never came to be.

Luckily, I happened to be in the Lake District over the weekend, so I decided to rent a rowing boat and row Lake Windermere instead. Granted, it’s not a proper Olympic rowing boat but, being big and wooden, it’s a lot harder to row and, therefore, probably counts more as a result.

So, with my trust adventuring friend, Simon, we struck out across Lake Windere, made it to a cool looking castle and then rowed back again. It wasn’t the mightiest row ever, but we spent a few hours doing it and, given how much it hurt, I’m 90% sure it totally counts!

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