To the Sahara!

We started our 2014 travels in Iceland. Land...of ice. It seems only fitting, therefore, that we end it in the total opposite part of the word. The Sahara. By camel, obviously.
Posted On 14 Nov 2014
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My New Year’s Resolution

My New Year's Resolution for 2014 is to make more resolutions. In other words, I shall ensure I actually do what I say I am going to do, including the things I have always said I am going to do before, but have thus far never done.
Posted On 09 Jan 2014
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Go Do Something!

Never ever let naysayers put you off. Doing things is easy and fun, even if you're bound to fail!
Posted On 17 Nov 2013
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A Song of Fire and Ice Cream

You know you have good friends when you tell them you failed to climb a mountain because of the ice... So they construct a mountain of ice cream...and help you conquer it.
Posted On 05 Jun 2013
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Views from a Mountain

There is no way around it; I cannot get up Mount Taranaki. Even if it wasn't insanely dangerous in the middle of this cold snap, nobody will lend me any gear. Instead, here are some photos from the top of Mount Luxmore.
Posted On 31 May 2013
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Plugging In. Charging.

There is a special solitude one can only find in a city. Walking the mountains or standing by the road, I am alone - but out of necessity. Here in busy Wellington, I have the freedom to truly and constantly choose to be by myself. I am utterly content.
Posted On 27 May 2013
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The Plane of Destiny

After a week on the road, hitch-hiking, knife forging and jade carving, I finally arrive in Nelson...and promptly leave. It is a fantastic city, but it lacks something that Wellington possess. Namely, TENACIOUS D!
Posted On 21 May 2013
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Not Climbing the Glacier

The Franz Josef glacier looks lie a dying animal. Withdrawing into the mountains, it gushes salty grey blood as hikers descend upon it from helicopters. Suddenly, I don't want to climb this glacier. That's what I tell myself. The reality is that I can't afford to.
Posted On 18 May 2013
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Grits and Shits. All Outta Both…

I think I might be exhausted . My legs aren't working, my back aches and my head feels like it is full of week-old rum and coke. To cure myself, I tried climbing a mountain.
Posted On 16 May 2013
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Mount Iron

Today, I took inspiration from a large group of tourists, who were climbing on a decorative rock and standing on one leg for a photo. So I scaled Mount Iron...and stood on one arm.
Posted On 15 May 2013
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