Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast

At wrestling this evening, we worked on shooting for a double leg (a classic) and shooting a high crotch.

A high crotch essentially involves going for a double leg takedown, with your head on your opponent’s hip, but shooting your arm high between their legs instead of to the far side. This secures a single leg and allows you to lift more powerful opponents with relative ease.

Once you’ve lifted them, you can switch to a double leg and BOOM! Game over.

Having practised that for a while, we moved on to an arm roll. Not an arm toss – an arm roll. The difference is important. With an arm toss, you yank your opponent to develop force and throw him over. With a roll, all the force comes from the natural momentum of you dropping and bringing your centre of mass down and backwards, whilst bringing his forwards and downwards.

In a similar position to an arm toss, you simply drop to your knees and bring your should to the floor. Where an arm toss needs to be fast and explosive, a roll can actually benefit from being slower. As Chad explained: slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

The important part to executing these moves quickly is to get them to flow. Normally, that involves going more slowly than you might expect or want to go.

The arm roll is a new favourite move of mine. I’ll put videos up soon!

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