Genesis MMA Challenge

For some reason (possibly because I am a huge fan of theirs) I agreed to take part in the Genesis MMA Gym’s December Fitness Challenge.

What ensued was three hours of total madness.

We started with a run through High Wycombe. Don’t ask me how far we ran because I honestly have no idea. It took about an hour, but the majority of it involved running from lamp post to lamp post, performing 10 press ups and 10 tuck jumps at each one. It was easy, for about two minutes…then it got harder…then I wanted to throw up.

When that was over, we burpeed UP A HILL. I don’t know if you can get your mind around what that involves, but I have pretty much blanked it from my memory. After that came more lamp post pain, followed my interval sprinting all the way to the last checkpoint…where we sprinted back to the start.

Then it was time for the circuits. Yes, THEN it was time to begin.

The circuit was a thing a beauty, crafted more or less perfectly to torch your entire body whilst never quite letting you give up. From memory, it went something like this:

Mule Kicks – Ground n’ Pound – Hurdles – ‘Nam Crawl – Suspended Rows – Heavy Ropes – Cage Climbing – Situps (with somebody punching you) – Bag Tossing – Weight Lifting – Hanging Tough – Sledge Hammer Work – Tire Smashes

We did each station for 2 minutes, then had 30 seconds to get to the next one. Once we had gone the whole way around, we had 4 minute press up challenge, followed by another circuit.

Then we were paired up with somebody our size (somehow I wound up with a man who was 20kg heavier than me) and tasked with sprinting the length of the hall and back, bear crawling the length of the hall and back, giving our partner a piggy back there and back and then wheel-barrowing there and back. Then our partner did it. Then we did it again. Part way through, my wrist (which had been OK up until that point) gave up and made most of it incredibly difficult.

Finally, we did a bleep test. Yes – to end things off – we did a bleep test: in itself a test of fitness. Luckily, we did it in pairs. Unluckily, we did in on all fours…in the horrible Bear Crawl position.

Then I went home and tried to sleep. It did not work.

On to the next challenge!

Genesis Challenge

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