Why Weight Training?

Few kinds of progress are as measured and irrefutable as the results of weight training. When you're in a slump, it can help you keep moving forwards whilst continuing to work outside of your comfort zone.
Posted On 06 Oct 2016
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I Used To Be A Blogger

I used to write about doing things. People seemed to enjoy reading about me doing things, so I started doing more things. Then I did too many things and stopped writing about them.
Posted On 01 Oct 2016
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EWA Champion!

Murorga Sim Bowa has once again been crowned EWA British Champion!
Posted On 18 Sep 2016
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Victory at Lucha Britannia

Having fought his way out of the chaos pits of Lucha Britannia, El Nordico Fuego smashes a path to victory against Jerry Bakewell in singles competition. What is next for the Viking? Beer, probably.
Posted On 17 Sep 2016
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22 Press Ups for 22 Days

Here is my small contribution towards spreading awareness of the suicide epidemic that is related to military service.
Posted On 16 Sep 2016
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The Last Ever Nettle Warrior

Ghost Squad tears up Nettle Warrior for the last time ever.
Posted On 01 Aug 2016
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Headlining Leefest 2016

Gay Bum returns to Leefest to prove, once again, that we enjoy cake.
Posted On 30 Jul 2016
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Lucha World at York Hall

Lucha Britannia joins Lucha Libre World in a sold out York Hall
Posted On 03 Jul 2016
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Metal 2 The Masses FINAL!

The two most intense hours of my life reach a chaotic climax.
Posted On 02 Jul 2016
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Nuclear Ghosts

For the first time in history, Mr. Mouse sends Ghost Squad to somebody else's race!
Posted On 17 May 2016
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